A Comparative Study of Post-Class Lecture Video Viewing

C.-F. Chiu, G.C. Lee, and J.-H. Yang (Taiwan)


Lecture Video, ICT integration, On-line education


The objective of this study is to compare students’ willingness and viewing behavior of using the online taped lecture video for their studies. The lecture video was taped from one class and made available to both sections of the same course. Students in one section can view online lecture video captured in their class, while students in the other section, taught by the same instructor, can also view the same lecture video from the other section. Data including course website usage statistics, student questionnaire, student interviews and course instructor interviews were collected and analyzed. The study yielded two main results: (1) Students are more willing to use the taped class lectures for reviewing purpose if the taped video is from their own class, as oppose to from another class; (2) students who viewed lecture video more frequently had higher application specific self-efficacy than those that do not.

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