A Global, Collaborative, E-Learning Ecosystem: An Academic/Industry Partnership in Action

E. Lawrence, B. Garner, and S. Newton (Australia)


Collaborative Knowledge Management, knowledge workers, collaborative learning


A number of apparent failures in the use of education technology should provide a warning as universities and training institutes progress their strategy and management plans for elearning. Fundamental problems in the academic environment relate to the lack of training in new technologies available to academics responsible for elearning. No less importantly the synergies among commercial providers of Asynchronous Learning Network (ALN) software, pedagogical knowledge and experiential learning requirements have not been addressed in the vision and strategy statements provided by senior management. The requisite solution is seen to be a framework for all stakeholders to evaluate e-learning proposals to ensure the effectiveness and value propositions are based in reality. What can we learn from the e-business environment and, in particular, the Cisco Network Academy Program (Academy Connection) that would inform the structure and deliverables required to support the proposed framework? This proposed framework also needs to accommodate value propositions for the diverse student cohorts involved in e-learning, having particular regard to professional practical requirements.

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