Interactive Electronic Tutorials and Web based Approach in Engineering Courses

Z. Nedic and J. Machotka (Australia)


Web Education, Interactive Tutorials, Engineering, and Animation


Every year the University of South Australia is supporting and sponsoring projects which are innovative in the way teaching and learning is conducted. In this paper we would like to discuss one of our projects, called Interactive Electronic Tutorials (IET). Tutorials play a vital role in engineering education, where the theory from lectures is put into practice through problem solving and going through examples. The original idea in 1999 was to create IET for students that would make them take an active part in their education and practice and allow them to learn independently. Consequently the IET were modified and reconstructed according to feedback received from students. The final modification was done in 2004, when the Internet version of EIT was introduced, enabling students to conduct tutorials without time restrictions and without a location restriction unlike before. We would like to share our experiences with web based teaching and learning, where the classical components of lectures, tutorials and practicals are still partially present but combined with the Internet components. We have specifically concentrated on the developments and improvements of IET based on our students’ feedback and our observations during a six years period.

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