Reusable and Extensible Modular Development Platform for Interactive Image based Internet Applications

A. Malvankar and B. Temkin (USA)


Webbased, Visible Human, W3DVBS, Visualization, ClientServer Architecture.


This paper describes an approach for developing image based applications that require interacting with a collection of images over internet. We address issues of developing a platform consisting of reusable modules that can handle interaction with images, such as 1) download and present images at client side in real-time, 2) change image resolution according to client resources, 3) generate appropriate web interfaces, 4) track the client side interactions and activities with these images, and 5) computing and analyzing real time performances at both client and server sides. Figure-1: VBS-Explorer – 3 View Slice Navigation An interactive Visible Human image based anatomical training system with a rich set of functionalities has been developed using these modules with the Internet used as a medium of communications. Performance analysis shows that response to most client requests took less than 17 seconds. Clearly defined interface requirements for the reusable modules facilitate integration of additional activity modules into the current platform, making it possible to achieve our extensibility goals.

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