Using Learning Objects to Support Introductory Computer Architecture Education

D.P. Mundy (UK)


Learning objects, web based education, e-lectures


Teaching the internal operation of computer systems (at any level) is not a simple task. The material covered on such introductory computer architecture modules can often be found to be dull and complex by students. One of the main reasons for the complexity and lack of interest relates to coverage of material that students find difficult to visualise and/or interact with. When module material includes coverage of low level electronics, boolean logic and data representation then students can quickly start to lose interest or perceive higher levels of complexity presenting significant barriers to their learning. This paper describes the creation and integration of a range of multimedia based learning objects into an introductory computer and Internet Architectures module. The learning objects were designed with the aim of enabling enhanced student learning through a focus on experience, interaction and repetition. The application of multimedia learning objects on this module is evaluated through collection of pre and post module student feedback.

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