Difficulties in Integrating Digital Libraries into Teaching: Computer Science Teaching with the MERLOT Collection

E. Orhun (USA)


Educational Digital Libraries; Evaluation; Webbased Education; eLearning; Learning Objects


MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) is a Web-based open resource primarily for faculty and students in higher education that aims to alleviate the problem of locating relevant materials of high quality on the WWW. The resources in MERLOT include learning materials, sample assignments and evaluations of the learning materials from a wide variety of disciplines that can be integrated within the context of a larger course. This paper describes how several Computer Science classes at Troy University used and evaluated materials in the Information Technology category. Results highlight some of the difficulties in integrating digital libraries into teaching. Majority of the students considered the research assignment that involved finding relevant materials on MERLOT as not worthy of the time spent.

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