Web-based Learning and Asynchronous Teaching at the TEI of Crete, Greece

G.M. Papadourakis, Y. Kaliakatsos, and D. Paschaloudis (Greece)


Distance Learning, Asynchronous teleteaching, eclass, ICT


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) provide new possibilities for the creation of innovative effective environments of teaching and learning, by re defining the educational frameworks and by deploying new learning facilities. Τhe various platforms of tele education, as those of asynchronous tele-teaching, can be used for the development of environments of remotely teaching and/or as additional tool of the conventional educational process. Primary objective of the present empiric research is the evaluation of Web-based asynchronous tele-teaching at the TEI (Technological Education Institute) of Crete, Greece. Based on semi directive interviews with students and academic staff as well as addressing questionnaires in the involved population (students & instructors), we are trying to study their new roles and the new practices that emerge in a virtual learning environment. Our analysis was based on qualitative and quantitative methods. Amongst the findings and outcomes that emerge from our study, are the importance of the pedagogic framework and the efficiency of the learning management system for a wide exploitation of asynchronous distance education at an institution of tertiary education.

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