A Web-based E-Learning Platform for Post-Graduate Education

V. Ampornaramveth, T. Zhang, A. Hadiana, N. Shimamoto, and H. Ueno (Japan)


Web-based platform, e-learning, distance learning, and post-graduate education


This paper introduces a web-based e-learning platform for post-graduate education, called WebLS. WebLS provides a web-based, multi-platform tool, by which traditional instructors can archive their learning materials on the web and students can do their personal learning over the Internet. Uploaded contents can be used either in standalone or group learning in real-time with discussion. WebLS supports contents with text, images, audio and video. It can import existing contents in well-known format, such as MS Word and PowerPoint. Flexibility of XML-based storage allows the uploaded learning materials to be delivered in many different ways. The system is distributed as an open source software. Services have been made available on the Internet and its functions are continuously extended to cover user’s requirements.

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