An Extranet in Action: Globally Networked Academics and Students

E. Lawrence, U. Szewcow, and K.F. Navarro (Australia)


industry, academic, education, web, partnership


The vexed issue of keeping staff and students up-to-date in the fast moving world of internetworking has been exercising the minds of many tertiary institutions for several years. One Australian Faculty of IT has partnered with industry in an attempt to keep the course materials up-to-date and relevant. This has led to major changes in the culture of the faculty as staff too have been trained in the certification subjects and must pass rigorous industry level examinations in order to be qualified to teach the material. This paper describes the programs and reports as well on the results of student surveys which were undertaken to see if the policy was meeting the needs of the students. The paper refers to previous staff surveys as well.

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