Proposal and Evaluation of a Cooperative Mechanism for Hybrid P2P File-sharing Networks

H. Fu, N. Wakamiya, and M. Murata (Japan)


Overlay Networks, P2P (Peer-to-Peer), Cooperative Net works, File-Sharing


Overlay networks, such as P2P, Grid, and CDN, have been widely deployed over physical IP networks. Since simulta neous overlay networks compete for network resources and their selfish behaviors disrupt each other, we consider co operative mechanisms for overlay networks to enhance the collective performance and improve the QoS at the applica tion level. In this paper, we proposed a cooperative mech anism for hybrid P2P file-sharing networks, where peers can find more files and exchange files with more peers. Through simulation experiments, we verified the effective ness of cooperation. On the other hand, however, our re sults indicated that the system load would be increased by cooperation of networks.

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