Dynamic Loss Recovery Router Placement for Live Streaming Multicast

Y. Somchit, A. Kobayashi, K. Yamaoka, and Y. Sakai (Japan)


live streaming, multicast, QMLS protocol, router activation and deactivation


Live streaming is delay sensitive and can tolerate some amount of loss. The QoS Multicast for Live Streaming or QMLS Protocol focusing on these properties has been proposed. It has been shown to improve the performance of live streaming by reducing packet loss recovery time. Therefore, end-to-end packet losses are decreased. How ever, where to place active routers performing this QMLS function has not been addressed in the previous work. This work provides a method to activate and deactivate routers in order to minimize the number of active routers for each QMLS-packet flow and discusses on its parameters. The proposed method also allows the active routers to be ad justed according to the changes in the multicast tree. The results of evaluations show that the proposed method re duces the number of active routers for each flow and ad justs active routers according the changes in the multicast tree.

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