CARRING II: A Reliable Real-Time Network

M. Wille, H. Richter, and C. Asam (Germany)


Communication Network, Real-time Local Area Network, TDMA, Register Insertion, CARRING


The paper introduces CARRING II, a further development of the CARRING communication network. CARRING is a reliable, ring-based, real-time Local Area Network (LAN). It was developed to connect e.g. mechatronic systems in cars, but it is also applicable to general LANs. The pro posed network tries to solve the known problems of LANs with bus topology, e.g. limited scalability or limited relia bility. For CARRING II, the node structure, frame types, a buffer management with a special reservation mechanism and some other basic concepts are described here. Fur thermore, CARRING II applies a medium access scheme that merges concepts of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) and Register Insertion (RI).

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