XML-based RPC Resource Service System with Request Delegation

J.-H. Kim and H.-Y. Kwak (Korea)


XML, XML-RPC, XML-DOM, RPC, Distributed System


To increase resource usage and improve efficiency of processing in distributed environments, we design and implement an XML-based RPC resource service system, in which a client’s request is delegated between servers. For this purpose, client request information is wrapped by an XML document on XML-DOM and transmitted to a server in a distributed environment. The server handles the client’s request using objects that can receive XML DOM. The server can respond directly to the client, or the request stored in the XML-DOM structure may be delegated by the server to another server using the information stored in the XML-DOM. The proposed system also uses a resource repository to supply resource information in the distributed environment. Our asynchronous system is an extension of current synchronous systems. In our system, RPC and XML-RPC services are integrated. Experiments show that the response time between servers is decreased and the average blocking time is reduced by request delegation. Because the system makes available information about resources that the client can use, the usage of resources and efficiency of processing is improved.

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