Integrated Finance Management Information System for Construction Industry

X. Chen and H. Xu (PRC)


Construction Industry, Management Information Systems, Resource Management


In the rapidly changing environment of the current knowledge economy, construction enterprises in China are transforming their organizational structures especially for finance management to meet with current drastic market competition. To suit the changes of finance management, a universal integrated finance management information system (FMIS) is proposed in this paper for finance management and decision making in Chinese construction enterprises. As an improved ERP system, FMIS can integrate the existing distributed finance systems of one construction enterprise and manage finance information in a centralized mode. Finance Knowledge Management, which has not been provided by current ERP systems, is also considered in FMIS and finance knowledge can be shared and created. Improved finance decision-making results can be given. In this paper, the requirements of finance management in Chinese construction industry are analyzed firstly. Then, the system architecture of our FMIS is presented and its function is explained in details. Finally, an actual application system has been used to demonstrate the effectiveness of our FMIS.

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