Design of Universal Application Platform for Constructing Enterprise Resources Planning Systems

X. Chen and H. Xu (PRC)


Enterprise Resources Planning Systems, Open System, Electronic Commerce


In the rapidly changing environment of the current knowledge economy, every enterprise must respond to the potential future changes when the enterprise resources planning system (ERP) is designed, developed and completed. These changes may include work flow, management, cash chain, etc al. So it requires that the designed ERP system be flexible and reconfigurable. This paper presents a model of one universal application platform (UAP) for dealing with different requirements and changes in various enterprises. As the core integration and configuration technology, the model enables the work flow or management flow configuration to meet with the development and changing requirements. The method of integration is sufficiently flexible and expandable to configure existing enterprise systems as well as systems that may be introduced into enterprises in the future. The study, which takes a tobacco monopolization ERP system for electronic commerce as an example of the use of the proposed model, addresses the configuration of enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems to meet with enterprise requirements, shorten development time and lower operation cost.

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