A Novel Model for Enhancing Database Access in Interactive Applications

N. Al Hakeem (UAE) and D.V. Popel (USA)


electronic commerce (e-commerce), database querying, decision tools, decision-making model.


Database management systems are an essential component of data warehousing and knowledge discovery. Even though existing database management systems incorporate some query optimization methods, their interactive usability in e-commerce adds another flavor not currently addressed by query optimizers. Other associated concerns are: reducing the time of database access, improving the online dialogue process, decreasing the cost of database management and many more. Existing database management systems should be improved to reflect the latest advances in many converging fields, such as telecommunications, data mining, and human-computer interaction. This paper introduces a novel decision-making model that utilizes graph-based decision tools, database management tools, and interface constructs, with the intention of producing the following benefits in interactive e-commerce applications: (i) enable users to make decisions in uncertain conditions, (ii) implement enhanced online data access and retrieval functions, (iii) simplify database querying, and (iv) guide users to solutions that reflect their preferences through a simple intuitive interface. The research study illustrates the various theoretical components, assumptions, and justifications utilized in the process of proposing a novel decision-making model. In addition to technical benefits, the model has the potential in contributing towards a better understanding of the process of making decisions in interactive applications under situations of uncertainty.

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