Mobile Virtual Experimentation Utilizing SMS

A.Y. Al-Zoubi, A.A. Tahat, and O.M. Hasan (Jordan)


Distance education, mobile and wireless communications, remote labs, virtual measurements.


An interface system utilizing GSM service with low-cost hardware equipment is proposed to enable mobile access to experimental setups via short message service SMS commands in order to perform virtual remote measurements. Communication between a mobile phone client and a remote PC server is achieved through programming the server using attention commands AT and the protocol description unit PDU mode. The experimental setup can be controlled and monitored from anywhere covered by the GSM service by exchanging SMS with the server with the aid of a C++ software which manages the follow and direction of messages from the source and destination mobile numbers. The PC at the remote end can be replaced by a microcontroller server with mobile phone connectivity, and the system can be adopted in medical, industrial, environmental and other application.

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