A Predictive Handoff Approach of Mobile IP on Dual-Link

D.-W. Zhang, Y. Yao, and L. Tian (PRC)


Mobile IP; seamless handoff; link layer trigger; predictive handoff; dual-link


: Mobile IP protocol solves the problem of mobility support for hosts connected to Internet anytime and anywhere. But the handoff latency in Mobile IP affects the quality of communication. This paper proposes a seamless predictive handoff approach on dual-link. Using this approach link layer of MN detects signal change to predict coming handoff and triggers network layer. During the handoff, MN keeps one link connecting with current network and at the same time connects another link to the new network. In this paper we illustrate the theory of this approach in detail and provide experiments to evaluate the performance. The experimental results show that this approach can ensure the seamless handoff of Mobile IP.

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