An Approach to Mobility and Wireless Access of Enterprise Communication Services

F. Liu and W. Chou (USA)


Wireless, XML, multimodal, security, WAP.


In this paper, an approach to mobility and wireless access of enterprise communication services is described. It is based on a loosely coupled integration that bridges the enterprise communication services with wireless access through a conversational or dialogue based communication service protocol. The proposed approach utilizes an event triggered content delivery mechanism, and it separates the service logic and service delivery through the introduction of a wireless secure broker (WSB) layer between the end user devices and the enterprise communication services that contain the service logic. This separation provides an additional layer of security and reliability at the application level. The device dependent content generation is achieved by integrating device independent XML content representation with a device dependent transform based on the infrastructure of WAP. A prototype system is implemented and several services were developed. Quantitative system performance studies were performed which validate the efficacy of the proposed approach.

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