Making Grid Systems Self-Organizing and Adaptive: An Approach Leveraging Biological Concepts and Mechanisms

P. Champrasert and J. Suzuki (USA)


Autonomous adaptive agents, Autonomic grid system, biologically-inspired computing


Grid computing systems are expected to be more scalable and adaptive. Based on the observation that various bio logical systems have already overcome these requirements, the proposed architecture, called SymbioticSphere, ap plies biological concepts and mechanisms to design grid systems (application services and middleware platforms). In SymbioticSphere, each application service and mid dleware platform is designed as a biological entity, and implements biological concepts and mechanisms such as decentralization, energy exchange, migration, replication and death. Simulation results show SymbioticSphere ex hibits self-organization with inherent support of scalabil ity and adaptability through collective actions and interac tions of application services and middleware platforms. Preliminary simulation results show that application ser vices and middleware platforms collectively adapt to dy namic changes in the network (e.g. user location, network traffic and resource availability).

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