A PCA-Wavelet based Coding Scheme for Distance Learning Image Compression

Q. Li, Q.F. Fan, J. You (PRC), and P. Bhattacharya (Canada)


Distance Learning, Image Coding, PCA, Wavelet Trans form, Image Classification, LBG


The large volume of images used in Distance Learning Sys tem are desirable to be compressed in a proper ratio to re duce the storage loading of computer servers and provide better VOD (Video on demand) services. A new PCA Wavelet based coding Scheme for Distance Learning im age compression is proposed in this paper. It consists of 1) Principle Components Analysis (PCA)to reduce the in formation redundancies along temporal dimension and a texture energy (TE)based technique used to classify the image sequence so that the PCA is optimized to produce better representative PCA channels for our handout im ages. 2) Wavelet decomposition and optimized LBG algo rithm for compression in spatial domain. The experimen tal results demonstrate that our proposed coding scheme achieves good performance.

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