A Novel Fast Approach for H.264 Inter Mode Decision

J. Bu, S. Lou, C. Chen, and Z. Yang (PRC)


Video Processing, Mode Decision, H.264


The JVT/H.264 video coding standard gains much higher coding efficiency than the previous standards. However, it also leads to higher computational complexity at the en coder mainly due to the variable-block-size motion esti mation and the mode decision. In this paper, we aim at filtering unlikely candidate modes in mode decision to re duce the computational complexity without sacrificing the video quality. Our algorithm takes advantage of two ef fective schemes: one is filtering some unlikely modes ac cording to the distribution of the stationary 8×8 blocks and the other is directly selecting the best ultimate mode by analyzing the change characteristic of the non-stationary blocks. Experimental results and comparative analysis are given to demonstrate that the encoder with our algorithm can achieve a speed-up factor of about 35% compared to the JM8.5 encoder with Fast Full Search algorithm while the average PSNR loss and the bit rate increase are negligi ble.

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