Dynamic Search Redirection in Adaptive P2P System

T. Sato, Y. Uchida, and N. Yoshida (Japan)


Peer-to-Peer, Dynamic Load Distribution, Dynamic Net work Re-Organization


In peer-to-peer systems, it is important to search the loca tion of contents. A centralized peer-to-peer network such as Napster uses a specialized node that maintains location information (“index”) of contents, so that accesses concen trates on that node. On the other hand, a decentralized and unstructured peer-to-peer network such as Gnutella uses a flooding-based query method, so that each individual query generates a large amount of traffic. To achieve load reduc tion and distribution at the same time, we have been de signing a peer-to-peer system in which index servers are created and reorganized dynamically, “AmorphicNet”, and proved its effectiveness. However, AmorphicNet still has some problems. Two of them are that server load gradually increases, and network traffic is not so much reduced as expected. To solve these problems, we propose some im proved version, “Redirection-AmorphicNet”, which redi rects queries toward the server, instead of sending them directly to the server. This paper presents its design and experimant results.

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