Performance of Counter Synchronization in Encryption of IEEE 802.11

A.F. Roudsari (Iran), S. Hosseini-Khayat (UAE), and J. Chitizadeh (Iran)


IEEE 802.11, CCMP, performance, counter synchronization.


: A new counter synchronization scheme was introduced in [1] in order to eliminate the need for the CCMP protocol in the IEEE 802.1X standard. This protocol sends special packets to synchronize the sender and receiver to a desired counter value instead of using a counter field in each data packet. In our previous paper [2], the security strength of the proposed counter synchronization scheme was compared to CCMP. In this paper, we study the compatibility of the counter synchronization protocol with the IEEE 802.11 standard. We also calculate the network throughput when our scheme is used instead of CCMP and compare it with the throughput when CCMP is used.

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