A Model for E-document Interactive Management in the Web

P. Bottoni, F. Ferri, P. Grifoni, P. Mussio, A. Marcante, M. Padula, and A. Reggiori (Italy)


HCI, interactivity, XML, e-document management


The data and information available in Internet or on Intranets are retrieved, managed and processed according to different information needs and working methods; therefore,a uniform procedures to access and exploit them are difficult to define. Much information is potentially available, but their effective reaching and exploitation requires that the user be enabled to retrieve, manage and annotate documents while taking into consideration their peculiarities and diversities in an open environment such as the Internet. The need for real time access to very large amounts of information has only caused increased the need for its syntactic and semantic characterization. This paper introduces a model which describes electronic documents as well as phenomena arising when communities of practitioners interact with them. We have derived from this model the design of WIL (Web Indexing Language), a system for interactive management of e-documents, which exploits the basic idea that the users can interact with e-documents to describe and manage them depending on the characteristics of their layout, as an expression of the semantic relationships among the document components.

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