A Balanced Underlying MAC Protocol (BUMP) for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

P.J. Weber, L.C. Robles Felix, R. Jayaraman, and S. Park (USA)


MAC, Throughput, Concurrent, Wireless, Ad-Hoc


Mobile Ad-hoc Networks rely heavily on the underlying MAC protocols to provide timely and energy-efficient communication between pairs or sets of nodes. Previous research has focused primarily on minimizing energy costs at the expense of routing delays or created paths with small transmission times to the detriment of power consumption. Our algorithm attempts to balance these by allowing multiple nodes to communicate simultaneously in shorter hops if it is energy-efficient and timely to do so. It does this by actively determining an intermediate node that will allow for concurrent communication between multiple pairs of nodes without the use of local information. Also, by utilizing a priori information about transmission ranges and the use of multiple communication channels, further improvements are made.

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