Mixed-Norm Adaptive Algorithm for Gaussian DS-CDMA Channels

M.E. Jadah and S.A. Jimaa (UAE)


Signal processing for mobile communications, DS-CDMA, Adaptive algorithms


This paper investigates the performance of using the least mean mixed-norm adaptive algorithm (LMMN) in the adaptation of a non-linear receiver, coupled with a second order phase tracking subsystem, for asynchronous DS CDMA communication system impaired by double-spread multipath channel and Gaussian noise. The non-linear receiver comprises feed-forward filter (FFF), feedback filter (FBF), and an equalizer / second order phase locked loop (PLL). The investigations study the effect of using various mixing parameter (λ) and step-size (µ) on the performance of the proposed algorithm in terms of the mean-square error (MSE) and the bit-error-rate (BER). Computer simulation results indicate that the proposed receiver algorithm with λ equals to 0.9 gives the best performance. Furthermore results show that the best value of the algorithm’s step-size is 0.0005. Finally it is demonstrated that non-linear receivers adapted by the proposed algorithm will have faster convergence rate and similar BER performance, in comparison with the NLMS adaptive receiver.

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