Finite-State Markov Model for Chi-Square (Central) SNR Distribution in A-CDMA Systems

V. Bhaskar and K.H. Adjallah (France)


Chi-square (central) channel, Markov model, Level cross ing rate, Steady-state probability, Asynchronous CDMA system, Average fade duration.


In this paper, we design a finite-state Markov channel (FSMC) model to represent the received signal-to-noise ra tio (SNR) in an asynchronous CDMA system. The received SNR follows a chi-square (central) distribution if the am plitude of the multipath fading is Rayleigh distributed. A slow fading Rayleigh channel is considered in this paper. Performance measures such as average symbol error prob ability, steady-state probability and transition probabilities are computed from the FSMC. Second-order statistics asso ciated with the envelope fading, such as the level crossing rate and the average fade duration are also computed. Nu merical results depicting the performance of the FSMC are computed to realize the utility of the Markov model.

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