Swinging-Up and Handstand Control of Cart Triple-Pendulum System based on HSIC

Z. Li, Y.H. Dan, Y. Wen, H. Zhang, and X. Zhang (PRC)


Cart triple-pendulum system (CTPS), Swinging-up and handstand control, Human Simulated Intelligent Control (HSIC), Sensory-Motor Intelligent Schema (SMIS).


: Studied the control problem concerning the swinging-up and handstand control of a Cart Triple Pendulum System (CTPS) based on the Human Simulated Intelligent Control (HSIC) theory. By analyzing the movement of a CTPS and simulating the Human controller, designed the Sensory-Motor Intelligent Schemas of HSIC controller for the CTPS. In the swinging-up process, the HSIC controller perceives the coupled motion of three rods of the pendulum and uses the multi-mode control strategy based on characteristic identification, to keep the angles and relative movement between the three linked rods minimum all the time. So the triple-pendulum could become a dynamic “quasi-cart-single-pendulum”. Simulation successfully proved the validity of the above method.

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