An Intelligent Control System with Self-Creation Process

C.-H. Chiang (Taiwan)


Intelligent control, evolutionary compu tation, creativity, animat


This paper presents a novel approach to intelligent control systems with self-creation process, namely CrICS. The CrICS consists of a symbolic controller, a perception mechanism and a self-creator. The symbolic controller is formed by several symbolic rules such as IF-THEN rules. The perception mechanism is to perceive the system effi ciency and environmental variation. Once the improper sensory information is detected, the self-creator will be activated; otherwise, the symbolic controller will keep on its controlling assignments. The self-creator worked as an on-line adaptation engine can produce the new rules to adapt the various environments. The self-creator formed by the self-creation process, which is a new evolutionary computation approach, and the rule generator. The crea tive measures are presented to assess the adaptability and creativity of the new solutions found by self-creation process. The rule generator is to transform the new rules to the system’s symbolic rules. An application of the ani mat (artificial animal) colony is constructed to demon strate the proposed model through investigating the crea tive behaviors of the animats.

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