Intelligent Lighting Control using Correlation Coefficient between Luminance and Illuminance

M. Miki, T. Hiroyasu, K. Imazato, and M. Yonezawa (Japan)


Intelligent, lighting systems, autonomous distributed con trol, energy saving, intelligent system, cofficient crrelation.


An intelligent lighting system which provides required il lumiancne at an appropriate location is proposed. This sys tem does not have the centralized control device and also it is controlled by each intelligent lighting’s autonomous operation. Also the intelligent lighting system can con tribute to energy saving. In this research, a new algorithm is proposed. For rapid converges it uses the correlation coefficient between the illuminance at given locaion and the luminance of each light. We actually construct an au tonomous distributed experiment system and verification tests were conducted using the proposed control method. The results showed that the various illuminance sensors converged to the preset target illuminance. We also con firmed that the algorithm can respond adaptively to envi ronmental changes and it is effective to energy saving.

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