Stabilizing of an Inverted Pendulum using Computed Feedback Linearization Technique

R. Chanchareon, S. Chantranuwathana, V. Sangveraphunsiri, J. Kananai (Thailand)


under-actuated mechanical system, Inverted pendulum, Feedback linearization.


In the paper, a stabilizing controller for balanced rod inverted pendulum is proposed. The proposed technique, based on pole placement over the first order linearized model around a trajectory, approximately linearize the pendulum system. Once the system is approximately linear, it becomes asymptotically stable. Root portrait is developed to analyze the nonlinear system behaviour. The simulation and experiment, based on ECP 505 inverted pendulum plant, is used to demonstrate and verify the proposed technique. Compared to the LQG controller, the proposed technique shows a superior result, i.e., both the transient response and steady state error are improved and the region of stability is also wider.

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