Design of a Kalman-Bucy-Filter for a Gas Engine

W. Hofbauer, P.Dolovai, H.P. Joergl, and J. Hirzinger (Austria)


gas engine, speed control, Kalman-Bucy-filter, LQG, MIMO system


The dynamics of a gas engine vary strongly over its power range while controlling engine speed. The major nonlin earities result from the turbo charger driven by exhaust gas and the recirculation valve of the compressor, which leads part of the compressed mixture back to the inlet to decrease the mass flow which enters the engine. In order to obtain a linear state feedback control, suitable states have to be determined and unmeasured states must be estimated in an acceptable way. This paper shows that a linear Kalman Bucy-filter is able to estimate the states even at other oper ating points despite the engine’s nonlinearities. LQG con rol design is chosen to optimize the speed control by the actuators throttle and recirculation valve.

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