Modelling of a Shape Memory Alloy Actuator

H.J. Lee, J.S. Yoon, and J.J. Lee (Korea)


Identification, SMA actuator, modified Liang’s model, general dynamics


Even though shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators have a high power to volume ratio, there exists disadvantages such as a hysteresis and a saturation. So a model identification for SMA actuators is very difficult. For a qualitative model identification, we described the behavior of SMA actuators using a so-called diagonal model, which can readily expect the turning point of an incomplete phase transformation. For the quantitative model identification, we developed the general dynamics of SMA actuators using the modified Liang’s model. Using this dynamics we can describe the hysteresis and the saturation very well. It is also very important to note that the modified Liang’s model maintains a continuous martensite fraction at the changing point of the phase transformation direction but the original model cannot.

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