Integrated Design of Structural Shape and Controller for a High-Speed Positioning Actuator by using a Genetic Algorithm

H. Ando, T. Sakai, and G. Obinata (Japan)


Integrated design, simultaneous optimization, shape optimization, and genetic algorithms


This paper discusses the integrated design of structural shape and controller for a high-speed positioning actuator of a spin stand. To allow highly flexible shape design of the mechanism for the positioning actuator and to improve the calculation efficiency in the structural shape optimization, this paper proposes an integrated design method in which a structural shape is defined like as a skeleton and meats and a genetic algorithm (GA) is used to search the combination of the skeleton and meats for obtaining better performance of the closed-loop system in iterative design procedure. The iterative optimization procedure includes the shape and the controller updates. It is shown in design examples that the proposed integrated design method can improve the performance of the positioning actuator according to the performance indices, and the effect is verified.

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