Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation of a Piezoelectric Accelerometer System

A.M. Mughal (USA), Q.R. Butt, and A.A. Malik (Pakistan)


Accelerometer, Bond Graph, Vibration Monitoring System, Mechatronics


A bond graph model is developed for accelerometers and vibration monitoring systems. The bond graph modeling uses the flow of power from component to component in mechatronics system design. The vibration modeling system is modeled from sensory input to charge attenuation or pre-amplification units with cable parasites. In this paper a simple model of the vibration systems using different kinds of accelerometers is provided. This technique is useful for an accelerometer based vibration monitoring design where specification of sensory units plays an important role. These parameters can be altered for improving the response and thus an optimum accelerometer system can be chosen for specific application.

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