Research of a Linear Array Self-Calibration for HF Ground Wave Radar

Z.-F. Zhong, B.-Y. Wen, Q. Cao, R. Wu, and N. Peng (PRC)


High-order Cumulant, Two Dimensional Virtual DOA matrix, Array Self-calibration


In order to achieve to the high performance of a phased array radar system, accurate calibration is required to eliminate phase and amplitude errors of the array. According to the characteristic of the echo of HF GWR, which is one-dimensional narrow band signal, a virtual DOA matrix is constructed at first. Then array self-calibration based on a linear array of two rows of antennae is achieved by the method of two-dimensional DOA evaluation in spite of low SNR echoes and short data series for analyzing, At the end of this paper, not only the computer simulation but also the treatment results of measured data verify the method’s validity.

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