Stiff-Contact Force Control on a CNC Machine

D. Hanafi and J. Katupitiya (Australia)


Force Control, stiff contact operations, machine tools


Primary aim of this work is to develop a force control sys tem that can maintain accurate desired forces during a very stiff contact operation. The designed controller operates in a dynamic environment and maintains the tool forces on a CNC machine at desired values. The complete control system operates in a manner similar to reaction compen sation. The force controller used can be viewed as an in tegrating on-off controller with no integral wind-up. This way the dependency of the control efforts on error signals has been eliminated. It brings in artiļ¬cial damping that en sures the stability of the control system. The designed force controller operates within limited tool path disturbances. The controller requires the feed forward of a nominal tool path. A secondary contribution of this work is the design of a generic external control loop for commercial CNC ma chines that enables the sensor integration for active control.

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