Position Control of a 3 DOF Flexure Micro-Manipulator

X.Y. Tang, Q. Li, and I.M. Chen (Singapore)


Flexure mechanism, micro-manipulator, position control, compensation, pico-motor, modelling


The design of a compensated PID controller is discussed in this paper for the position control of a 3 DOF flexure micro-manipulator. A pico-motor was selected since this type of actuator does not suffer from hysteresis and creeping problems like conventional piezoelectric actuators that is normally used for micro-manipulation. However, the output of the picomotor is dependent not only on input pulses, but also external payloads reacting on the motor shaft. In order to overcome the disturbance due to external payloads, a compensator was designed and implemented in the control feedback loop. Through an experimental approach, the dynamic model of the pico motor was derived to be implemented in the compensator. Experimental results have shown the effectiveness of the control design.

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