Decoupled Control System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

S. Zein-Sabatto and C.D. McCurry (USA)


Decoupled controllers, unmanned aerial vehicles, ground vehicles, and multiple robot coordination.


In this paper the designs of a decupled control system for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for mobile ground robot’s operations is presented. The work is focused on the design of a control system for a helicopter like aerial vehicle. An aerial vehicle that uses four main rotors for flight was developed. A decoupled control system is designed to maintain the stability of the vehicle operation. The complete system, UAV and associate controllers, were modeled using the Simulink and Virtual Reality toolbox in MATLAB©. The decoupled control system consists of three sub-controllers, one for the elevation control, one for the pitch control and one for the roll control. The yaw control was achieved by simultaneous use of the pitch and roll controllers. The designed control system of the UAV was tested using simulation environment in MATLAB. Test results showed that the system performed aerodynamic maneuvers according to the system requirements. The significance of these results is the design of a stable unmanned aerial vehicle for implementation in mobile ground robot’s operations. In this paper, the design of controllers for the UAV system will be presented in detail.

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