Train Control System with High Autonomous Property

X. Zeng, R. Chen, L. Zhang, and D. Dong (PRC)


: Automatic Control; Autonomous; Decentralization; Assurance


Based on the development of Japanese railway traffic technology, this paper introduced the concept of autonomous decentralized system (ADS). Based on ADS, A new wireless-communication automatic train control system with high autonomous property is proposed in this paper. In currently automatic train control (ATC) system in Japan, the central logic device of ATC detects position of each train and calculates the permitted speed of each blocking section. In the new system proposed in this paper, there is no central logic device. Each train is equipped its own control device, and the position of each train is detected by its own control device. This on board device can first receive information from others, then calculate braking pattern and decide the speed. Therefore, each train can run completely autonomously. Using the new system, the distances between every two trains can be shortened. In addition, the new system has higher fault tolerance property compared to currently used ATC.

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