Control and Communication Electronics Architecture for Platoon Guidance of Electrical Mobile Prototypes

A.M.H. Awawdeh, F. Espinosa, and F.J. Dongil (Spain)


Intelligent transportation system, cooperative-driving, vehicle platooning, string-stability, platoon oscillation, mobile prototypes.


This work presents the hardware and software architectures designed and implemented for robotic platforms in order to study the behavior of platoon formed by electrical transport units. Furthermore; introduces an overview of trajectory generation strategies, lateral and longitudinal control algorithms designed -by the authors for platoon driving, including comparisons with other published works. The paper describes the low-cost electronic (hardware and software) solution of the mobile prototypes build to validate the designed control strategies pursuing platoon string-stability as well as the interaction between platoon and transport service user. The results obtained with the described electronics architecture on boarded on the presented prototypes allows one to consider that solution as a first-step contributing to minimize some of the actual road transportation system problems.

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