Simulation of Pedestrian Dynamics in Emergency for Live Design Community

H. Aritomo, I. Hitoshi, and W. Shiraki (Japan)


Pedestrian dynamics, Evacuation route, CA-model,Simulation, Live Design, Earthquake in community


In this study, a powerful and useful simulation method using a simple CA-model is proposed to approach the live design of community in emergency. As an application example, an evacuation simulation system in earthquake emergency is treated for disaster prevention for local community to show the validity of this proposed method. The refuge of people in the community is simultaneously started in the occurrence of earthquake. The phenomenon such as an evacuation process of people is a complex system. In this study, such a complex process is modeled by a CA-model with simple transition rules, and then the pedestrian dynamics in emergency is reproduced and its effectiveness is verified visually by the use of a computer graphics technique. Such a complex phenomenon is difficult to express and solve by a conventional differential equation. However, the simulation method using a simple CA-model can overcome the difficulty easily. Finally, the reduction of human loss is attempted by optimizing the evacuation route in the community.

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