Interfacing Olivo-Cerebellar Neuron Hardware to Fin Actuators of a Biorobotic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

A. Menozzi, P. Bandyopadhyay, and S. Warren (USA)


Neural Network Control, Robotics, Bio Systems, Oceanic Engineering.


The subject of precision maneuvering and control of a Bior botic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (BAUV) is consid ered. Because the inferior-olive (IO) part of the brain is a core component of motor control and coordination, the engineering rendition of its neuronal dynamics [4] is be ing explored for understanding and viability in the BAUV context. An analysis and appraisal of both simulation and hardware implementations of IO neuron clusters in terms of their ability to provide motion signals to the BAUV ac tuators have been carried out. The progress in utilizing IO neuron implementations to move a flapping foil actuator is described. Both simulation and experimental data are dis cussed. The optimal role of these IO neurons within the BAUV’s control system is assessed, and a new way of uti lizing them is proposed.

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