A Fuzzy Biomechanical Model for H Suboptimal Control of Sit-to-Stand Movement

A.M. Mughal and K. Iqbal (USA)


Biomechanical Models, Fuzzy Model, Simulation, Nonlinear Model, TSK Fuzzy Model.


A Four link fuzzy biomechanical model of human sit-to stand movement is studied with H∞ suboptimal control. Two local linear models of sit-to-stand movement are generated from the general nonlinear model. A linear fuzzy model is then generated with Gaussian membership functions from the two linear models evaluated at sitting and standing positions. The knee flexion during the movement provides the criterion for determining the weights of fuzzy member functions. The torque inputs for the fuzzy model are computed using H∞ suboptimal control. Structured uncertainties of the physical characteristics of the model are considered and µ− synthesis of the system is also simulated. The measurement noise in knee flexion and input noise in the plant model are analyzed and their effects are simulated.

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