Snakes Revisited - Speeding Up Active Contour Models using the Fast Fourier Transform

A. Ihlow andU. Seiffert (Germany)


Active contours, snakes, frequency domain, FFT, computa tional complexity, image processing


We present a straightforward derivation of a numerical so lution scheme for the snake’s differential equation using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). In comparison to the classi cal solution in spatial domain this provides two major en hancements: First, no approximation of the spatial deriva tives by finite differences is necessary anymore and a more general view on the regularization scheme is possible. Sec ond, and most important, the solution via FFT is signifi cantly faster compared to the classical solution in spatial domain — it is just O(N log N) instead of O(N2 ) and therefore enables the use of active contour models (snakes) for high-throughput and real-time applications.

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