Modular State Feedback Controller for the Supervisory Control of Timed Discrete Event Systems

A. Khatab and M. Nourelfath (Canada)


Automata, timed discrete event system, supervisory control.


This paper presentes a modular approach for the supervisory control of timed discrete event sys tems(TDES). The problem of controlling the behav ior of this class of systems is formulated in terms of predicate and predicate transformer. For a given collection of predicates (Pi)i=1 to n∈N on the TDES state space, the Modular Supervisory Control Problem (MSCP) is introduced as the problem of synthesizing a corresponding collection of controllers (fi)i=1 to n∈N so that the conjoined action ( ni =1 fi) of all these con trollers ensure the respect of all imposed constraints ( ni =1 Pi) .

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