"Interactive Spatial Copy Wall" Representing Bodily Actions of Remote Person in Pseudo Three Dimensions

S. Wesugi, N. Suzuki, T. Watanabe, and Y. Miwa (Japan)


Tele-communication, tele-presence, avatar, bodily action, pin display, and embodiment


A requirement of communication technology creating a sense of bodily presence of a remote person is anticipated to increase more than ever. However, this type of communication technology has underdeveloped so far. In order to create such a sense, we have proposed two methods to integrate (1) a video avatar and a robot avatar, and (2) a video avatar and movements of physical object which is operated by a remote person. For creating a sense of presence of a remote communication partner, we have proposed a novel concept “Interactive Spatial Copy Wall” display system based on features of two methods, which represents a pseudo three-dimensional shape of a remote communication partner with movable cylinders. In this paper, we describe our further-advanced “Interactive Spatial Copy Wall” display system to represent bodily actions of remote person’s upper body in real time. For this advancement, we have designed a modified “Interactive Spatial Copy Wall” by focusing on power source, data communication and measuring three dimensional appearance of a remote person. Consequently, this revised “Interactive Spatial Copy Wall” display system achieves to represent bodily actions of remote person’s upper body in pseudo three dimensions, corresponding to hundreds of movements of installed cylinders.

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