Dynamic Analysis and Speed Control of a Novel Micro-Platform Driven by Vibrating Motors

P. Vartholomeos and E. Papadopoulos (Greece)


micro-robot, micro-positioning, vibration motors, feedback control


This paper presents the dynamic analysis and speed control of a novel micro-robotic platform that is able to move with sub-micrometer positioning accuracy at velocities up to 1.5 mm/s. The platform actuation system employs vibration micro-motors. The motion principle is discussed. The dynamic model of the platform and of its actuation system is developed and its operating constraints are analytically expressed. Emphasis is given on the periodic orbits that the platform may exhibit under specific driving conditions. Closed-loop speed control of the vibrating actuators is implemented. The micro-robot design is simple, compact, of low cost and allows for untethered power supply using simple means such as single cell batteries.

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