The M-Cubes Modules for a Novel 3-D Self-Reconfigurable Robot System

Y. Fei, J. Wan, and P. Xia (PRC)


module, self-reconfigurable, docking, robot, matrix, motion


: A novel, lattice self-reconfigurable robot system composed of same modules is proposed. Each module called M-Cube composes of a cubic body and six rotary sides. There are two holes and two extension pegs in each side. Rotary motion is generated by a motor with a reducer by using cone-shaped gears, axes, clutches and so on. A face-face incidence matrix (FFIM) is proposed to describe the relationship between two modules in detail. The basic motion is analyzed. At last, the docking process is described and the simulation of a self-reconfigurable robot system is shown. The results verify that the analysis above is effective.

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